Daily Design

Sometimes I feel like the day is getting away from me. Do you ever have those days, like you are not in control?

That life is happening to you, not for you?

Lately I have been thinking about how I want each and everyday to go. Like really in-charge of every part. If you are anything like me, you can get swept away with the everyday mundane.  This attitude doesn't serve us well. Occasionally it tells me I am not good enough. It tells me not to bother, because someone else said it better or it's already been done.  It keeps me small. I swear it's true, I think like that also.

Raise your if this speaks to you? Please tell me I am not alone! ‍

It's easy to design your days when you are away, how about designing them in your everyday life. The days where you have work, kids, laundry, dogs, dinner and the list goes on and on. These are the challenges I speak of. 

However, if I tell you that regardless of what you have going on, you still get to create incredible...

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Tough Conversations

I am so fascinated by human behaviour. I don't know about you, but every day I wake up and think "what can I do today to be better than yesterday." I am trying my hardest to learn and grow from every single experience. It's not always easy, but my thought is, if we don't grow from shitty experiences then the pain isn't worth it.

Does that makes sense?

I have noticed a trend over the past few weeks that people are not willing to be uncomfortable. They are not willing to have tough conversations, and would rather say nothing at all. Do they really think it will just all go away?

Conflict is scary and I haven't met anyone who really loves a good conflict! Have you?

Yesterday my partner Andrew was so brave in having a tough conversation with me and that has inspired me to step up once again and be BETTER! It's one of the things I hate the most, to sit where I am uncomfortable. (vulnerable share ‍) Especially when he calls me out on my own shit!

Did you know there is a formula for...

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Happy ❤️ Day

1. Take yourself out. Go to a movie, a yoga class, a hike. Just get out.  Unplug from all the social media, it doesn't help! 

2. Create a spa day at home. Light some candles, play some sweet tunes, give youself a facial. Buy yourself some yummy smelling cream to apply after a warm bath.

3. Give love. The art of giving feels so good. Call an old friend. Send someone a small gift.  

4. Prepare a meal with a new recipe. Have fun with it, get creative.

5. Hang with friends. There are other people alone this year. Reach out and create a fun night with some good friends.

and the most important one of all...


I mean it... Really fucken love yourself. Fearlessly, unconditionally and without limitations. 



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What I want me to know...

meditation new year yoga Dec 18, 2019

Dearest Shirlee,

So there are 13 more days until 2020. Congratulations, you made it through another year. There was all sorts of shit thrown your way and you should be very proud of yourself. You handled it with GRACE and INTEGRITY. You took each and every opportunity to use it for growth.  You spoke your TRUTH even if it was scary.  You stood up for yourself even if you thought people would be angry. You worked hard on your own personal growth by seeing a therapist regularly and you even started to listen to your body. WOW, 50 looks good on you! 

As we move into 2020 I promise you, I will continue to believe in you. I will continue to create better habits that heal my physical self as well as my spiritual self. I promise to always do the best I can and admit when I don't. I promise to remind the people closest to me how much I love them. Life is too short not to.  I promise to share more of myself and my teachings. Someone...

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Heart Armour

breathing meditation yoga Dec 06, 2019

As we maneuver through this crazy world, everyday we are struck by experiences that touch our hearts. Sometimes in ways that force us to close our hearts off, force us to put on our armour. It can be to protect us or to protect the people closest to us. Either way we shut down. I call this armour we wear HEART ARMOUR

Yoga, meditation and pranayama (breath practices) give us the space and the opportunity to start to remove a little bit at a time. It gives us the space to stay, feel and be seen. These tools of meditation, yoga and pranayama allow us to trust ourselves and the world just a little bit more. 

These practices remind me I AM OK. I never really know what to expect but I know in order to share myself with the world this healing work is important. 

It's vital that we embrace both the light and the dark.  

Each one of us has a story and each of our stories brings pain and joy, laughter and tears and experiences that have broken us completely open and have...

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The Next Chapter

life meditation Dec 02, 2019

I’ve always been someone who is interested in growth and personal development. I love to challenge myself, learn new things and take risks. I am not your play it safe kinda girl. Well, here is the next chapter. Out of the question “What next?” Comes shirleewilliams.com. It’s a new platform for me to share the next evolution of myself. 

I have been studying yoga, meditation, personal growth for over 20 years and what I really want most is to serve a bigger community. This is no longer just a dream. Today is the day I put myself out there.

I hope you spend sometime with me. Look around. Ask questions. Share your thoughts. After all, we are all in this together. The world needs to be more about collaboration and less about competition. Don’t you think? 

In the meantime join me for a FREE 3 day meditation challenge.



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