Discovery Call

What happens when you take your power back! with Linda Moran

alcohol community empowerment life coach sisterhood spirituality stop drinking women supporting women Jun 26, 2023

My guest today is Linda Moran.

For years, Linda did not realize how much of her freedom and power she was giving away to alcohol. Linda never necessarily hit the proverbial bottom with the often-seen loss of job, relationships, or trouble with the law, but she had lost something very important; herself.

Linda had lost her relationship with her authentic self and perhaps her soul. Until she freed herself, she did not realize how much alcohol was dulling all aspects of her life.

Linda joined a year-long program with TNM and found the freedom she sought and much more. She found herself again. She was always there, just a little veiled. Linda now feels so much joy, and though she is a recovered people pleaser, she enjoys helping people she chooses to help. Linda is helping others raise their vibration and find their authenticity and freedom by changing their relationship with alcohol.

In today's episode, we talk all about how "rock bottom" may look different for each person, taking back your power and choosing different, life-altering habits to improve your life, leaning into discomfort, and so much more! Tune into today's episode.



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