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"Shirlee is a fantastic person and a wonderful yoga instructor. I live a very busy life and was welcomed with open arms to Buddha Rider for my practice. Shirlee is down to earth and the best word to describe her teaching style is real. She makes everyone feel comfortable in all different types of classes, with modifications for every pose and an understanding that some days are better than others. It's life, it doesn't always go as planned. While going through a tough time with family, she was extremely accommodating and compassionate, knowing that my time in her class a chance to take a deep breath and refocus my energy on finding strength to push forward. I can't say enough good things about her as a person and about her incredible ability as an instructor. If you haven't already, try one of her classes. You won't regret it!"

Kate Pettersen
Sports Reporter

"I have been a member of Buddha Rider since August 2013. Shirlee has always made me feel at home at Buddha Rider and in her classes from the start! Her classes whether yoga or spin are excellent. She challenges you physically and always adds a spiritual element. As well Shirlee always encourages participants to work at the own level and apply modifications when needed. Finally there is a fun element that always makes you smile or laugh out loud!"

Joan Baines

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Shirlee for over a decade. I also have completed one of her incredible Living Your Yoga Teacher Training programs. I know first hand how she has the ability to affect positive change in all areas of your life in order for you to become the best possible version of yourself! I have the pleasure of teaching at Buddha Rider on a weekly bases. I have received support with the business side of my offerings, everything from invoicing, to making sure that I receive the rate that I deserve for my services so that my time is honored fully. Along with her mentoring and support for my work as a Yoga Instructor, she also supports all of my many other goals including my work as a Birth Doula and she is an extended member of my family for life” "

Amanda Clayton
Yoga Teacher and Doula

"I met shirlee at the very first weekend of our YTT in September 2016. She has this beautiful presence about her when she enters a room. She is full of kindness, empathy, sincerity and generosity. She allows you to be exactly as you ar flaws and all without any judgement. She inspired me from our very first weekend together and continues ti inspire me. I am extremely grateful for Shirlee and her teachings. "

Laura Gallager
Yoga Teacher

"Shirlee Williams is a caring, authentic and beautiful teacher and human being. She has an incredible talent for connecting with people and warmly building community for mutual support and personal betterment. Those of us who know her and love her are blessed to have her as a committed leader, friend and inspiration."

Cynthia Cooperstone


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