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Shirlee Williams - Guided by Intuition, Training and Spirituality

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Top 20 Life Coaches To Look Out For In 2022

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Everything you need is already inside you. 

You know that you are born for more and you are ready to take BOLD moves.  

FEAR drives you forward, not holds you back.

You know you are deserving of everything you desire. 

You are the woman who leads and is ready to step into their BIGGEST life ever! 

The Empowerment Bundle

4 ways to reconnect back to your true authentic Self. 

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Wish you had that one girlfriend who would be totally authentic with you.

Be your greatest cheerleader. You know the one who would never judge you, that you could tell anything to. Now think about that someone who also has the training and spiritual insight to guide and support you. Your greatest cheerleader.

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My coaching is guided by intuition and training, mixed in with tons of spirituality.

Think life coaching meets yoga.

No, you don’t need to be a yogi. You just need to be ready for change. 

Who benefits from life coaching?

 Those who are:

  • Ready to make a change in life
  • Not sure what direction you are heading. 
  • Curious about what could be next for you
  • Have this longing for something different
  • Lack of confidence and self-worth
  • Ready for a new story 

Let's work through it together...

Choose Your Adventure

The One-Off 

Sometimes, we just need a different perspective. Someone to call us out on our shit and troubleshoot our next move. Whether you are looking to make a shift in your business or in your life, this 1:1 session is designed for you.

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The 30 Day Journey

Not sure what next? Feeling stuck? If you’ve got 30 days, I have a great program for you. Let’s get down to business. With weekly phone calls and goal setting we can discover your next move. Whether it’s business, relationships, health, wellness or a combination - I've got you! 

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The 90 Day Journey

This program is designed to empower and transform anyone who is ready to live an extraordinary life! 

With weekly phone calls and concierge service, this program is crafted to help you design the life you are meant to live. Whether it's business, relationships, health, wellness or a combination - I've got you!

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Nice to meet you!

You’ve lived your whole life caring for your family?

Your kids are growing up and you can feel like there is something more you want to do for yourself. An aching you are trying to figure out. You look to social media for answers and wonder how every other woman seems to have it all together. You want something different but you don’t even know where to start. 

I see you.

I have been where you are…