Discovery Call

From Grey Hair to Vaginas with Nicole Scott

lifecoaching menopause midlife sisterhood women supporting women womenempowerment Jul 25, 2023

Nicole Scott is a Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Author, International Wellness speaker, Network Marketing Professional and mom of 2 teenage girls who live in the Greater Toronto area in Canada.

​Nicole is truly following her dreams and living life to the PLUS. She is dedicated to improving the HEALTH of families, and she does this by; speaking to audiences around the world, educating on social media, offering a healthy lifestyle program and leading a group of passionate health warriors worldwide.

The Gorgeous Grey Movement came to be after a health scare she had last year in 2018. Nicole found two lumps in her breast that got her on the path to discovery—that panic of “what if” set in.  The lumps were cysts, thank goodness! They were painful, and other symptoms of poor health were starting to show up in her late 40s. This was a big Wake Up Call for her to dig deep into her lifestyle choices. Despite being a Holistic Nutritionist, she realized there were still areas to improve to achieve optimal health. One of the things she learned along the way was the level of dangerous toxins she was using monthly to dye her dark hair. This led her to create the Gorgeous Grey Movement and inspire others to join her in “Owning Your Sparkle.” What does it mean to "Own Your Sparkle? Yes, I want you to consider ditching the dye, but it means more than that. I want to go deeper with you. How about shining bright in all areas of your life? How about vibrating high each day and becoming the best version of YOU? Nicole has mentored thousands of women over the last decade to take their health and lives to the next level. She is excited to connect with you and help you transform to the GREY side and beyond.

In today's episode, we talk all about what it takes to live an unapologetic life, how to be less critical of ourselves as we age, releasing the stories we tell ourselves, making menopause FUN, and so much more! Tune into today's episode.



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