Discovery Call

Being your Own Best Advocate with Lisa Marie Uz

awareness breastcancer coaching'empowerment health lifecoach unapologetic women supporting women Oct 09, 2023

Lisa Marie Uz is my guest on today's episode of Becoming You.

Lisa and her hubby are franchise owners of a Swiss Chalet and have been in the restaurant industry for years. She also did her teacher training with me after having the desire to help others in a meaningful way.

After years of putting others first, Lisa went in for her regular check-up and got news that she didn't expect. Lisa has experienced a variety of health scares, including Melanoma, Hashimoto's and breast cancer. Despite these setbacks, Lisa has continued to thrive and live unapologetically. 

In today's episode, we talk all about advocating for yourself and your health, the perspective shift that comes with being sick, the importance of downtime, the impact of sharing our stories, and so much more! Tune into today's episode now.




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