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Becoming You with Beverly Frosch

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Shirlee Williams
Becoming You with Beverly Frosch

In today's episode, I'm welcoming my friend, Beverly Frosch.

Before she embarked on this her spiritual journey, Beverly was an ICU R.N. for two decades before making her transition to mediumship. She had always heard spirit but didn’t realize it until she was in her 40’s and not everyone had the ability. Over the years she became very sensitive to the tragedies that she experienced while working in the hospital. She began to absorb the emotional energy of the patients and families. After being involved in the tragic death of an 18 month old boy , she had to take a medical leave due to PTSD. Beverly knew it was time for a change.

Her Profession as a nurse was a vital part of her life’s journey that naturally lead her to embracing her mediumship full-time. The ebb and flow of life/death gave her the experience of helping patients when they transitioned to the otherside. Beverly always felt a sense of calmness in helping patients pass over to meet their loved ones and guides.

Beverly has learned to embrace her abilities and felt compelled to learn from some of the best mentors in the world. She has been certified by Sandy Anastasia, (Mentor of John Edwards.) worked with Kevin Fitzgerald, The Olive Readers. Lisa Williams, Bill Coller, Psychic Rebel Colby in LA, and British Medium Tony Stockwell.

In today's episode, we talk all about being in tune with what doesn't feel good to us, pushing through the triggers that occur in life, advice for communicating with your spirit guides, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Tune into today's episode!



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