Discovery Call

Trusting the Universe

believe jay shetty life coach life coaching personal development personal growth self empowerment spirituality trust the process Mar 18, 2022

Ok, I know. "Trusting the Universe" can sound a little woo-woo.

I'm someone who sits somewhere between that "woo-woo" state and being practical, or scientific. But, I also believe that sometimes you just have to give it up. To let go of control and just to trust what unfolds. In today's episode, I tell a personal story of trusting the universe, and give you advice on how to start implementing this in your own life. 



When I made the decision to trust the universe
Do you feel like your swimming against the current?
If you feel like you’re forcing something, it is probably not right for you
You need to release control
In moments of uncertainty, take a deep breath

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