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The Journey of Becoming with Yasmine Belle

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Yasmine Belle is the founder and CEO of Belle Capital Management, Inc., and WomanCEO Inc.

In addition to her accounting and tax credentials, she decided to blend her focus into being certified as a life and success coach to help women regain their innate personal power while infusing financial confidence.

As a master coach, Yasmine is a motivational speaker and coaches mostly women on self-confidence, building strong habits, wealth goal setting, removing internal blocks, raising standards, establishing healthy boundaries, and much more, which she knows from personal experience, shedding skin and bringing to the table her own wins and losses.

Yasmine also created two podcasts, The Modern CFO Podcast and the WomanCEO Podcast which she loves to share her voice and inspire the world.

Yasmine is a force that continues to grow and loves being an entrepreneur just like her father and has immense support from her family and friends.

In today's conversation, we talk all about making the big moves to live the life of your dreams, how to live an unapologetic life, the big lessons that have lead us to where we are today and finding a good balance between the feminine and masculine that lie within you. 



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