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Becoming You with Shelly Sharon

community healing journey lifecoaching motherwound sisterhood women in business women supporting women Jun 05, 2023
Shirlee Williams
Becoming You with Shelly Sharon

My guest today is Shelly Sharon.

Shelly has dedicated herself to healing the mother wound in others. 

The biggest irony is that for the better part of 30 years of Shelly's life, she didn’t believe in mental health support. “Look how it failed with my mother!” was Shelly's thought. So the last thing she envisioned as a future for herself was to be one of those people.

She was to become a ballet dancer in New York. Or a ferocious activist fighting to save the planet. Now, she is doing a bit of both by dancing with the waves of life and helping people heal the wounds that otherwise create more wounds.

In today's conversation, we talk all about if we all have a mother wound, carrying on our parents' wounds, how our childhood impacts who we are today, incorporating body practices to get to the truth, and so much more. Tune into today's episode!



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