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The Journey of Becoming with Lisa Borden

coaching empowerment growth mindset growthmind life coaching womeninbusiness womensupportingwomen Dec 05, 2022

Today's guest is my longtime friend, Lisa Borden. Lisa is a Business Development Consultant & Wellness Intelligence Therapist, in addition to wearing many hats.

Having developed basic teaching and communication skills as a waterski instructor for kids for seven summers and having honed her design and marketing skills working for two years launching a new paint line for a major retailer, Lisa realized that she needed to work on her own, and was determined to make a difference. There was a real niche for supporting and starting small businesses in 1994 … it was something new. There was also a need (as there is now) for businesses who operated morally and ethically, with a higher purpose.

Borden Communications + Design Inc.  was born in November of 1994 in the corner of Lisa's one bedroom apartment, when she was 22 years old. No money, no partner, no business plan – just a goal … to over deliver on every promise while maintaining a passion for the work at hand. Lisa opened a virtual community centre, The Wellness Intelligence Collective, in 2021 in order to create a virtual property where she could connect like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals with each other, and share favourite things, practices, and people.

Lisa has been creating the conditions for positive change and healthy outcomes for conscious people and brands for over 25 years, and every day she strives to surpass the initial goals … dedication and business ethics are, of course, still the cornerstone of the business. Borden Communications remains a small business, allowing Lisa and her mighty little team to actively collaborate on all programs and projects. Together, they efficiently deliver solutions that work and support humans world-wide to find success, evolve, and feel good.



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