Discovery Call

The Journey of Becoming with Dr. Laura Foster

coaching empowerment life personal growth spirituality women supporting women Oct 18, 2022

Twelve years ago, everything in Laura's life came to a halt.

Looking back, she had checked all the boxes. Laura had built a successful career as a chiropractor; she had a husband and three kids that she adored. Her life was so full and everything looked great on paper – but the reality was, it wasn’t the life that she truly wanted. Laura had accomplished what she always imagined success would and should feel like, and she did it all with the best intentions…

But Laura has completely skipped over herself in the process.

Laura's breakdown came fast and hard, but the breakthrough took a lot of time, energy and questioning. Laura's spent the last decade honing in on this ability to return to her roots and live in her truth.

In today's conversation, we talk all about how we were able to find our voices, reconnecting with who we are and what we want, why our femininity is so necessary right now and giving ourselves (and others) a little bit of grace in this life.


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