Discovery Call

Feminine Power and Womanhood with Cassandra Austin-McDonald

becoming coaching community empowerment life coaching mindset personal growth unapologetic womenempowerment Apr 15, 2022

Casandra Austin-McDonald is a trauma-informed coach who guides high-achieving and heart-centered women toward fulfillment in their relationships and life while building a legacy. She was coined as the Self-Love Queen for her unapologetic approach to boundaries, healthy relationships and authentic clear communication. Casandra profoundly believes in feminine power and womanhood and often shares that women get to be with who you love, do work that you love and live a life that you love all at the same time. She is also a boy mom, wife and lives in Central Florida.

In today's episode, we talk all about shifting the paradigm of what women are capable of, what it means to live an unapologetic life, learning how to trust ourselves and how to stop comparing yourself to others. Tune into today's episode!



What kind of work does Cassandra do?
Shifting the paradigm of what women are capable of
What does it mean to be unapologetic?
Cassandra’s best nuggets of wisdom
How does Cassandra deal with the limiting beliefs?
What’s next for Cassandra?
Whether we have the steps all figured out or not, it’s important to show up

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