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Discovering New Beginnings with Tara Newbigging

empowerment life coaching mindset personal development women in business women supporting women Apr 02, 2022

Entrepreneur, the mastermind behind The b. class®, Life Coach, Fitness Coach (Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer), Yoga Teacher, Reiki therapist, and adventure seeker. Tara Newbigging holds a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education with a Major in Health Promotion. Beyond the labels, Tara is a passionate individual who loves to inspire people and help them discover their talents and gifts so that they can enjoy and experience their true life purpose and happiness. You can find this girl outside running in the mountains, riding her bike, skiing, or taking a walk by the river. These are just a few of her most connected inspirational activities. Her passion and life force helps her see's opportunity, her motivation creates spark, and she is passionate about inspiring others.

In today's episode, we talk all about the power of sitting with discomfort, the difference between feminine and masculine energy, the importance of following what the heart wants and discovering new beginnings. Tune into today's episode!


A little about Tara’s story
How Tara developed her brand
Things always happen for a reason
Feeling discomfort is not always a bad thing
Some advice for female entrepreneurs
It’s important to just enjoy the ride

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