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Creating a Kula with Girl Time Inc's, Ashley Lougheed

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Ashley Lougheed lives for connection. 

The founder and CEO of Girl Time Inc., Ashley believes in the power of creating a community — a Kula — where like-minded women can connect, collaborate, and create lifelong friendships. 

She believes that change is not only inevitable, but necessary in order to grow. And no matter what life threw her way, it was always her girls who got her through. 

Through Ashley’s life experience, she developed a foolproof formula that allowed her to reconnect with her values in order to create her Kula. Slowly but surely, she surrounded herself with the kind of women she wanted in her corner, and she vowed to design a platform that would help others do the same.

Girl Time Inc. is a tribute to all of these women — past, present and future — who have helped her shine by shining themselves. Growing her business this past year — not to mention during a pandemic — Ashley reaffirmed the belief that together, women are warriors. Her goal is to continue growing her Kula into a nationwide community for everyday women and women in business. 

Have a listen. 



3:17 What brought Ashley to life coaching?
5:55 What does it mean to live unapologetically?
9:38 How Ashley got started with Girl Time Inc.
23:31 How to be grateful for the challenging people in your life
27:03 Some advice for those struggling with limiting beliefs
30:45 Knowing when to listen to your intuition
32:37 Are you willing to do what it takes to live your unapologetic life?
43:16 What’s next for Girl Time Inc?

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