Discovery Call

Becoming You with Daria Vodopianova

coaching entrepreneur goalsetting growth mindset life coaching tedx women supporting women Nov 22, 2022

My guest today is Daria Vodopianova. Daria is the co-founder of The Thought Leadership Academy, host of the podcast “The Thought Leadership Podcast”, 2*TEDx-speaker, best-selling author, and passionate entrepreneur running a leadership coaching company since 2011.

With her partner Sébastien Roger de Nunez, they support visionary leaders and established experts to embody their next level of thought leadership. 

The focus lays on 3 pillars; the business of speaking, premium offers, and emotional intelligence. 

She was invited to speak about her groundbreaking work in events such as RE/MAX Europe International Convention, WU Executive Academy (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Women in Tech Global Summit, TEDx and European Innovation Academy.



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