Discovery Call

A real Conversation with Shirlee and Andrew

communication couples life lifecoaching personal development personal growth relationships self empowerment Apr 22, 2022

Today's episode is very special to me. I am sitting down with my partner to discuss a variety of topics, such as how to show up intentionally and with simplicity, why it is so important to be checking in on your relationships, how we've pushed through the difficult parts as a couple and when to know you need to make a pivot in your life. 

Andrew believes that each and every one of us has a greater potential, a higher level of performance that is lying within us and is waiting to be unleashed. For the past 28 years, Andrew has been coaching Executives, Teams, High Performers and Endurance Athletes to achieving their higher level of life performance. Andrew's firm belief that what we learn from Endurance Pursuit translates to higher levels of Purpose, Passion and Fulfillment across all areas of your life.

When Andrew is not passionately championing the lives of his clients, he is pursuing his greatest life through Ultra Endurance Challenge, Travel and Building Deeper Relationships.



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