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What's Your Superpower?

beyourownhero coaching empowerment jay shetty life coach life coaching personal development personal growth spirituality super powers Oct 22, 2021

Do you know what your superpower is? Each one of us brings something completely unique to the table. Our own experiences, relationships and viewpoints shape us into who we are and each one of us is completely different from the next. Each one of us is necessary in this world, and there will be others who connect with this uniqueness. Find out what I mean in today's episode.

1:18 What is my superpower?
4:34 Our own experiences are key to us being who we are
6:04 It takes guts to show up as your authentic self
7:31 Answer these questions to find out what makes you unique
9:35 What did you do today to get you closer to the person you're becoming?
12:00 You need to show up every, single day

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