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Let's welcome 2023 with  intention

Every year we think we need to start again. A clean slate. 

I look at the years as building blocks for dreams and inspiration. We are continually learning, growing and evolving. Let's set the stage for 2023 with what we've learnt and where we are going. 



Your Year Ahead

This 2.5 hour workshop is a time to create, discover and plan what it is you truly desire for 2023. 

Carving out time and being intentional with what you put out into the Universe is the greatest way to MANIFEST. 

Looking back and clearing up anything you need to so we don't carry it into the new year is as important as looking forward. 

The lessons vs the memories. Let's set the energetic stage for 2023! 

Let's see what's possible. ✨

Hey there πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

I could start by giving you a full description of who I am... mother, soulpreneur, yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, mindset coach.

The truth is these are not what makes me extraordinary. 

How I show up in the world is my magic. The intentionality I bring to life, is the sweet spot. My open heart and resilience keeps me evolving and growing. This unwavering inability to never quit is how I show up in the world. 

Let's set the stage for 2023. It's not about starting over, it's about building the continuation of your life. All of it. 

See you soon. 

Shirlee ♥️

Your Year Ahead