Meet Shirlee

I began my yoga journey more than 20 years ago and the study and practice of yoga has enriched and supported everything I do and the person that I have become.

I’m a spiritual seeker, a mother of twin boys, and a teacher deeply committed to living and helping others live a full and fabulous life.

I feel so lucky to have been able to study with so many amazing yoga and meditation teachers. My teaching and practice have been influenced most profoundly by Esther Meyers and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. A million hours, many years of traveling and lots of soul searching.

In 2007 this city girl packed up her family and moved to Collingwood ON.  Quickly realizing I needed a platform to share my teachings Buddha Rider Yoga and Cycle Studio was born. 13 years later the studio offers a variety of classes and develops incredible programming to a close-knit and growing community of yogis and cyclists.

And so this spiritual seekers wants more…

It’s been long enough and my little baby is almost 13 years old. This leaves me manifesting a bigger plan. It’s time to share more of myself and my teachings. It’s no longer just about yoga… It’s about living a full, authentic life. It’s about teaching people how to step into a BIGGER version of themselves. How to dream BIG!

Feel the fear and do it anyways…

and so… Shirlee Williams online programming has been born. I am so excited to share my teachings, coaching,  my inspirations and ways to help you build a bigger life. Have a look around check out what I am offering. Send me messages, I would love to connect.


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