A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training for the wise woman 

New dates coming for 2025


For the woman 45+  

noun - the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

As we mature we bring a wealth of experience to our lives. Shouldn't our yoga practice be the same?

I have spent more then 30 years on my mat. My yoga  practice has served me over the years. How I show up on my mat has evolved.

The problem is... many yoga trainings have remained the same. They are geared towards the 20 to 30 something population. 

Welcome to the next evolution of YTT. This program is designed just for you. Whether you are wanting to teach or looking to dive into a program that supports the next phase of life. 

I got you!  

This incredible well crafted program is waiting for the woman who is ready to step into it. Let me take care of everything. From a full range of yoga supplies, to your manual and daily journal. The program will end off with a spectacular graduation ceremony. It's not just a program but an experience. 

I can't wait to meet you on the mat. 

Shirlee 🤍


The next  evolution of yoga training is here.

Women 45+

Most women 45+  come with life lessons that will benefit themselves and each other throughout a yoga training. Your life is meant to be shared with others. 


You have been practicing yoga for a while and are looking to dive deeper into the practices for your own personal needs. You are curious to how yoga can support the next phase of life. 

You would like to teach a more mature group

You have a desire to teach a mature population with a variety of practices appropriate to their needs. 

Hey There 👋🏼

Welcome to WISDOM

My name is Shirlee and I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching Yoga Training for over 15 years. My program has certified many teachers who have gone on to make careers in teaching yoga while others have used the training for their own personal support system in life.

My teaching is grounded in alignment and weaved together with stories to inspire. I have an extensive amount of training in adjustments and therapeutics which will serve you well. 

I have trained with some of the best teacher's in the world to create my own unique style. 

I am so excited to share the next evolution of this program with the wise woman.



new dates coming 2025


Paid In Full



Minus your deposit

What's included:

  • An experience of a lifetime
  • Continued support during the program
  • Manual 
  • Journal
  • Yoga mat, bolster, props
  • Closing ceremony dinner and event

5 Month Plan



Minus your deposit

What's included

  • An experience of a lifetime
  • Continued support during our program
  • Manual 
  • Journal
  • Yoga mat, bolster, props
  • Closing ceremony dinner and event


I have wanted to take a teacher training for years, but nothing was a fit. When Shirlee offered Wisdom I was intrigued. To be honest though I originally said no (it felt like too much of an investment in me - money, time). I was so wrong and I’m so glad I changed my mind. It was perfect. The connections I made filled my heart and what I learned I’ll carry forever. I led the yoga at my first retreat before I was even finished. If this is calling to you, do it! I am so glad I did. ❤️


The Wisdom YTT course is so much more than becoming a yoga teacher. When women come together in community, beautiful things happen. The last six month has been more than I could ever imagine. The friendships I've made, the growth in my practice, the confidence I've gained, the breathwork experience, the philosophy I've learned. I loved it all! If you are on the fence (like I was) don't hesitate, don't overthink...just go for it! I am so grateful I said YES!!!


Any amount of time spent with Shirlee is a gift. To have this dedicated time with her where we learned so much more than about yoga poses and putting together a class is a treasure. The WISDOM program was just as much about self-exploration, creating a community and developing a vision for the future. Shirlee's teachings embody all that we can learn about ourselves and how we show up, on the mat and in our lives.