You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. - Rumi

The world is filled with abundant possibility and everything you need is already inside of you. Let me guide you to your better self.

3 Pillars of My Coaching

Heal Your Past 

We all have a story. One that has shaped who we are today. It's time to heal the unresolved parts. 

Live Your Present

Physically, spiritually and emotional. Let's live for the moment. Empowerment is such a vital key. 

Design Your Future

Have a dream? Ready to be unapologetic for what you want? Let's start building your new life.

The One-Off  

Sometimes, we just need a different perspective. Someone to call us out on our shit and troubleshoot our next move. Whether you are looking to make a shift in your business or in your life, this 1:1 session is designed for you. This call is all yours.  

  • Debunk your limiting beliefs
  • Negative self talk
  • Set yourself up with great habits
  • Dream Crafting
  • Strategies to remove blocks that maybe holding you back
  • Design better communication skills

This session includes a 60-75 minute call and an email summary with a written plan. 


The 30 Day Journey

Your direction needs some fine tuning.  You have an idea of where you are heading, but need some guidance. Whether it’s business, relationships, health, wellness or a combination - I've got you! 

This 30 day journey includes;

  • 1 weekly call 60-75 minutes for 4 weeks.
  • Strategies and homework to help move you towards your goals. 
  • Weekly summaries and accountability
  • Ongoing communication. (I won't leave you hanging)

The 90 Day Journey

This program is designed to empower and transform anyone who is ready to live an extraordinary life!

This 3 month program is for you if:

  • If you are unsettled and know there is more out there
  • Wanting to pivot your life direction
  • Tired of taking care of everyone else
  • Recently have experienced loss or divorce and need some guidance
  • It's time you let go of everything holding you back

This program includes;

  • Weekly 60-75 minute phone calls
  • Ongoing concierge service
  • Tools and strategies to develop a broader way of seeing yourself
  • Deep diving into your future


I found my coaching sessions with Shirlee to be productive and positive. Scheduling was easy and Shirlee maintained a professional yet relaxed rapport which made me feel comfortable in opening up. She challenged me to set goals and helped me to find ways to hold myself accountable.I would highly recommend Shirlee as a coach!


Shirlee guided me through such an amazing journey. Being a stay at home mom of two young girls during the past several years I felt very disconnected from myself. Shirlee really helped me to prioritize the important things in my life.  Her abilities to ask the tough questions was exactly what I needed. I am forever grateful for our time together. 


“It is hard to put into words what my coaching sessions with Shirlee have done for my life so far.  I went through some big life changes, I felt a little lost.  With some amazing coaching, I now feel like I have purpose and have been provided with the tools and guidance to being the best me! Living my best life.  I couldn’t be more grateful for her.  She has been the best gift I have ever given myself.” 


Shirlee's approach to coaching starts with establishing a connection with you and then, launches the "how to"  address your needs. Her ability to listen deeply, respond honestly and without reserve, gives a new perspective.  Shirlee takes you to your core, draws out your true reflection and gives you a space to grow. A space to discover your worth and become unapologetic for who you truly are. Working with Shirlee was so much more than having a sounding board- it was a true elevate of self and worthiness.

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!